Monday, March 24, 2014

Gratitude 3/24/14

-laughing with friends
-eating Girl Scout cookies (peanut butter tagalongs) courtesy of Emily
-gorgeous weather
-student "Anna" telling us, very seriously, "I hate to tell you this but..... I'm going to another school next year" (kindergarten) 
-listening to BYU women's basketball, 2nd round NCAA tournament vs Nebraska 
-new Instagram friends and followers!
-just feeling happy 
-bedroom floor is now vacuumed 
-found out that I DID in fact, renew my home insurance policy. I was at work, needed some info for my taxes and couldn't remember if I'd renewed it or not..... A call to the insurance office assuaged my fears 
-walking around outside without a jacket

Gratitude 3/23/14

Grateful for/that
-FaceTime with Kidds in NM. 
-hearing about the school play (music man) activity days, Disneyland in the rain, Legos, J not being able to stay out of the frame for more than a couple minutes..... Good times! :)
-eating Mom's homemade Mac & Cheese 
-visiting with uncle Russell and aunt Paula at their house
-going to church with Emily
-peaceful nights sleep

Friday, February 28, 2014

Gratitude 2/27/14

Grateful for/that.....
-a drenching rainstorm
-rides with my aide, Emily
-laughing with my friends at the work training meeting
-being the "fearless leader" for a day!
-brick oven lunch
-temple session with Emily
-got some great ideas from the work training
-good hair day
-wore my new pink skirt I got from Costco yesterday

Gratitude 2/26/14

Grateful for/that.....
- shopping with mom
-got new gold pillows for the living room couch
-laughing with mom
-samples at Costco!!! Cheese spread samples. I came home with garlic herb spread. 
-got almonds and dried fruits at Costco 
-got to take dads reading glasses to him at Planning and Zoning meeting
-got a nap
-straightened my hair and LOVE the new cut straightened!

Gratitude 2/25/14

Grateful for/that.....
-dinner with Kerri
-ate at kneaders
-had delicious tomato basil ravioli soup
-catching up and laughing with Kerri
-a listening friend
-taking my students outside to play!!!!!!
-warm enough weather to play outside!
-not putting coats on/helping 15 children with coats


Grateful for/that....

-seeing Fiddler on the Roof with Emily and Mandy 
-love the songs from Fiddler on the Roof
-impromptu shopping trip since we had time to kill before the show started
-laughing with friends
-good seats doe the show 
-have a new favorite song, "Chava's Sequence" it's tied with "Tradition"
-good quality performance from the high school students. 

Gratitude 2/23/14

Grateful for/that.....
-saw family members at Uncle Don's viewing 
-ended up being there at the same time as Uncle Bob, Aunt Brigitte and cousin Chris
-hugs from Aunt Geniel
-beautiful day to walk home from church
-got a visit from niece, Katie
-the Plan of Salvation and knowing death is not the end
-forever families
-my ancestors